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davud1505 opened this issue on May 22, 2019 13:20

It look nice. I have some idea about it.

Nice and easy layout that works well.

My thought:

Virtual 3D Puzzle Builder

The Laser Pegs iPad app is a 3D virtual building set that brings the offline kids’ toys to the iPad, featuring virtual 3D model creation, illumination effects, and sharing to the Laser Pegs’ community. Toys like Legos and Tinker Toys (among other kids’ building sets) bring out the creativity in kids and help them focus on certain skills like problem solving, abstract thinking, and believe it or not — math. Ugh!

Laser Pegs is one such toy that offers an offline or physical building kit that sells at the Target retail store. This kids’ building toy features clear building pieces in a variety of sizes and shapes, which when put together can be illuminated. The illumination adds a very cool sci-fi-type feel to the real toy, and I know this because I had a chance to play with a real Laser Pegs toy. These toy kits come in a number of pieces, obviously different shapes and sizes, as well as a unique building platform. Each Laser Pegs puzzle game features multiple puzzles that can be built, as well as any type of puzzle a kid can dream up.

Now that you are aware of the real manufactured toy, you’ll appreciate the Laser Pegs iPad app, which is the the virtual version of this kids’ physical toy game. In this Laser Pegs app kids put virtual pieces together and “illuminate” them once complete. Kids can also come up with their own unique Laser Pegs 3D virtual objects and create a manual for others to build from as well. The manual can be shared with the Laser Pegs community or emailed to others, and is also placed in their very own Manuals queue inside the app.
The Laser Pegs iPad app has very good directions to get you started, but you will have to get used to working with the controls to become quick at the building process — probably not a problem for most kids. The only other additions to this app that would really make the Laser Pegs app shine would be to have an “Undo/Redo” button, and access to other manuals pre-loaded to the app. This would really help to inspire kids and quickly get them exploring and building with this awesomely creative app. It'll be easy android app promotion for this idea.


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