Toothless Herb Grinder 1.0 by 420ThreeD

A simple bud Grinder that doesn't leave bits of plastic in the mix!


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I've been meaning to design & print a working grinder that doesn't leave bits of plastic in the mix....

Saw a design that took from flour mill grinding plates, read the reviews, it sounds as though it needed another iteration / quality control check.

Improving upon the original, I've produced a similar design for you lovely, smokey printer fanatics - print in wood pla for a fantastic finish!
It literally pulverizes and obliterates evenly up to 2g of herb within three turns.

Please read the Print settings and see the image for assembly guidelines.

For a complete gRINDER you will need to print:

1x Top Case

1x Bottom Case - Leaf OR Heart (the Heart is a TM of 420ThreeD)

1x Grinder

Print the Case's together on 2xshells 0%infill

Print the Grinder file separately: 3xshells 15%infil (min), top layers: 3

I cannot stress the 3x shells and 15% MIN infil enough, you don't want a holey print.

Although over 25% is EXCESSIVE and it just wastes filament / time / money.
15% is great
Happy Slicing!

Materials and methods

Wood fill Pla works a treat! We use Bamboo from ColorFab!

Once you've got all the parts out,

Assemble the smaller grinder piece into the bottom, larger, case.
Then slide the larger grinder piece into the top, shorter, case.

Depending on the results from your printer you may need to glue the grinder pieces in to get a good turn.

Happy Grinding!



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@mark rehorst,

You've clearly missed the point....

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Inhaling smoke from burning plastic particles is probably not very healthy.

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