Trailer Bearing Dust Cover

Customizable cover for trailer bearings to keep dust and dirt from getting into the grease fittings

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In the process of doing some maintenance on a family member's trailer, the grease fittings on the axles were exposed to dust, dirt, and general road grime and had to be cleaned to be able to properly grease the bearings. The trailer had bearing protectors but every one of them was missing their protective cap. Now that the trailer has these covers on the bearings, that problem is unlikely to recur.

This model is designed to be printed using a flexible filament so as to stretch over the outside of the bearing. It's designed with a small relief near where the end of the bearing housing sits so the cover can be pushed all the way on and not be constrained by the flat end.

Materials and methods

These caps were printed using SainSmart TPU and will only work properly if printed using a flexible filament. The parameters at the top of the OpenSCAD file can be adjusted for different-sized bearing housings. For the prints in the picture, I had measured them, printed at that size, and then had to increase the size to 102%. I've adjusted the OpenSCAD file for that in the off chance you might have the exact same size of bearing housings as what was on this trailer, but in general, you will likely have to adjust the bearing OD a bit to get the print to fit snugly-but-removably over the end of your bearings.



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