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So, I admit, mistakes were made when I ordered the transparent PLA. I bought natural instead. It's not nearly as clear or see-thru as I would have liked and so I improvised and printed my take on a Tron-A-Like flightstick with a 1% infill. Not really recommended from a durability perspective, it turned out to be stronger than I expected but I don't doubt that a strong hand couldn't crush it like an old tin can.

The point then: buy clear not natural PLA (I do have some on order) and then you probably won't need to print the Tron stick so light on the infill side of things for the shiny to show through. Unless of course you just print it a solid colour using non-lit 24mm arcade buttons. So I will stop going on about it now...

This is the my first version, so I went the easiest route, all you require is two 24mm (not 28mm, not 30mm!) arcade buttons. I realise that they are less likely for you to have lying around as spares but they (only just) fit into the dimensions of the unit and if you use illuminated versions, then no need for another light source.

Choices! (More transparency or more solidity)

331L means: 3 top layers, 3 bottom layers, 1% infill and L is Line infill.
335L means: 3 top layers, 3 bottom layers, 5% infill and L is Line infill.
4410L means: 4 top layers, 4 bottom layers, 10% infill and L is Line infill.
4415L means: 4 top layers, 4 bottom layers, 15% infill and L is Line infill.

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And the 24mm arcade push button switches:



Thanks for checking out my designs.

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