Ultimaker 2 Bowden Fix

β€’ Cable management, bend protection and stabilizing support of Bowden coupling. Suitable for use with the UM2 machine housing and an existing engine bolt.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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!!! Project finished. Occasionally there will be minor improvements, but no major design changes !!!

β€’ This three -part object is one component of my One Man - *Co.Me.Do.ONE - project. CP-v3 (Co.Me.Do. - Part No: 3). To use this printable object on Ultimaker 2, no additional components are required. The assembly and use, are self-explanatory.

β€’ Information regarding enhancements and bug fixes you will find in the "Comment" section. Photos with the already assembled object does not show the latest design.
β€’ Again and again: My work for you lives solely by your feedback. If something is wrong or useless in my designs, I need more information from you so that I can ever change anything. Suggestions to improve or simplify my designs and descriptions are highly desirable. So if you use my designs and parts thereof, please take a few moments to convey a little feedback.

Materials and methods

β€’ All 3D objects created with SketchUpMake. / All Materials usable...This parts printed with: Ultimaker PLA BlueTR / Layer: 0.1mm / Infill: 33 Percent / Temp: 212 Degree / Speed: 35mm/s.

β€’ PLEASE print all items with identical settings.

β€’ WARNING: Avoid PLA printing with insufficient infill (less than 33%) in combination with temperatures below 205 degrees. Objects with fine static structures can be very unstable due to poor Layer-Adhesion. Incorrect retraction settings, such as for example too long or too fast retractions can cause big problems in an object with small static elements.

β€’ PLEASE use a special printing surface, so your objects get almost smooth and mate base areas, also lower platform temperatures are possible.

β€’ PLEASE use the glas printing surface, so your objects get almost glossy base areas.

β€’ DIRECT PRINTING ON GLASS: High risk of material Warping and complete detachment from the glass surface, especially for very large objects and insufficient build platform temperatures less than 60 degrees. An excessive build platform temperature higher than 70 degrees, can cause object deformations and dimensional inaccuracies mainly in areas near the glass surface.



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