Ultimaker 2 Camera Mount

A nice camera holder that mounts to the front right corner of the UM2 for the third-party Raspberry Pi Camera modules with M12x0.5 lens mount.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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To fasten it to the Ultimaker i drilled two 2mm holes into the Dibond sides and used 3x15mm countersunk wood screws.

You can view and download the source files here: http://a360.co/1KgM76Z

Materials and methods

- Camera Module: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291464166467
- Lens with 2.6mm focal length, model.no LS-40166: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271450510263
- 75cm CSI Cable



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Oh sorry, didn´t saw the link to the fusion file^^

Never mind then.

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Can you please remove the build-in supports for this?


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A original file (STEP, Fusion360, FreeCad, what ever) like mentioned below would be fine!

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Carousel thumb img 8086
Printed on:
Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
Fits perfect!
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Can you add an Version for the First No IR Cam for Raspberry?

The Holes Position are different.

Or can you give an editable Version like a Fusion 360?

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Made one. I got a small raspberry camera and just used some hot glue to mount it. Works great!

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@reibuehl: if you follow the link in the description you can download it as a F360 archive or as a STEP. :)

Mini reiner 001 2Reiner Bühl commented ago

Could you make STEP or Fusion360 files for this available? I would like to modify it for the standard Raspberry Pi camera and mounting via existing screws.

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I went and designed an adapter to use this with the standard Raspberry Pi camera which is a slightly smaller size. Then I realized that was a waste of time, and it will work with the standard Raspberry Pi camera with no modifications.


Used with this camera:


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Would you mind to share the cad files?

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