Ultimaker 2 fan mount double

an mount for Ultimaker 2. With 2 fans for left mount Nozzel

3D printer parts and enhancements

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Update Ultimaker 2 Fan Mount V2.5 The Olsson Block + Tool For Nozzle Guard V1.1:

Change Ultimaker 2 Fan Mount V2.5 The Olsson block:

• Stability

• Heat shield with the following product http://www.ebay.de/itm/121932589320?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

• geändert Linke Luftkanal

Update V2.4 Experimental:

• Smaller holes for fan (by 0.75 mm smaller)

Update V2.3 Experimental:

Have an attempt to align the fan parallel to the platform.
(The first time seen at Laber fan Design) https://www.youmagine.com/designs/um2-dual-fan-shroud

It is noticeably emerges a larger air perceptibly.

Have therefore the best test pressures obtained.

The model is still in the testing phase for longevity. The most vulnerable will be the thread.

It will merely be a "The Olsson block" style.

Have printed until now with this fan cover only PLA.

To solve the temperature problem, I have a tip guard Designt (Nozzle Guard V1.0), which is to be screwed.

Screw nozzle protective device only when cooled nozzle. With printable tool (Tool for Nozzle Guard V1.0), the nozzle protection can superlight screw. But please only put very gently.

Without Kapton tape.

The fan model has the same dimensions as the previous model V1.8 designed only higher

All images are where not marked with update V2.3, V1.8 version is shown.

For print yourself:

• Ultimaker 2 fan mount V2.3 The Olsson block "ABS" with scaling print (with me 100.76%)
• Nozzle Guard V1.0 "ABS" Print without scaling

Update V1.8: Fan mount 2X V1.8
• no metal shield longer necessary

Material recommendation:
PLA to test OK (up to 3h. Is pressure) when I would then recommend a like ABS.

Both models need to be glued to Kapton tape. (See Image)
(I have seen in a different fan model.
Kapton tape helps warmth from the model protect, and it works. Temperature error has done himself)
For test prints the following part "overhang test" used. Printed with standard Cura setting. Https://www.youmagine.com/designs/make-2015-3d-printer-shoot-out-test-geometries


Update Ultimaker 2 Fan Mount V2.5 The Olsson Block + Tool For Nozzle Guard V1.1:

Änderung Ultimaker 2 Fan Mount V2.5 The Olsson Block

• Stabilität

• Hitze Abschirmung mit folgenden Produkt http://www.ebay.de/itm/121932589320?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

• Linker Lüfterkanal geändert

Update V2.4 Experimental:

• Kleinere Löcher für Lüfter (um 0,75 mm verkleinert)

Update V2.3 Experimental:

Habe einen Versuch unternommen den Lüfter parallel zur Plattform auszurichten.

(Das erste Mal gesehen beim Laber Lüfter Design) https://www.youmagine.com/designs/um2-dual-fan-shroud
Es ist spürbar ein größerer Luft austritt spürbar.

Habe damit die besten Testdrücke erhalten.

Das Model ist noch in der Testphase auf Langlebigkeit. Das anfälligste wird das Gewinde sein.
Es wird bloß eine „The Olsson Block“ Design geben.

Habe bis jetzt mit dieser Lüfterhaube nur PLA gedruckt.

Um die Temperatur Probleme zu lösen habe ich ein Düsenschutz Designt (Nozzle guard V1.0), der auf schraubbar ist.

Düsenschutz nur bei abgekühlter Nozzle schrauben. Mit ausdruckbaren Werkzeug (Tool for Nozzle guard V1.0) lässt sich der Düsenschutz super leicht anschrauben. Aber bitte nur ganz sachte anziehen.

Ohne Kapton Klebeband

Das Lüfter Model hat die gleichen Abmaße wie das vorherige Model V1.8 nur höher ausgelegt
Alle Bilder wo nicht mit Update V2.3 gekennzeichnet sind, wird Version V1.8 dargestellt.
Zum Druck Selber:

· Ultimaker 2 fan mount V2.3 The Olsson Block “ABS“ mit Skalierung drucken (bei mir 100,76%)

· Nozzle guard V1.0 “ABS” ohne Skalierung drucken

Update V1.8: Lüfterhalterung 2X V1.8

• kein Metall Abschirmung mehr notwendig

Material Empfehlung:

PLA zum Testen OK (bis zu 3Std. druck geht), wenn es dann einen gefällt würde ich ABS empfehlen.Beide Modelle müssen mit Kapton - Klebeband beklebt werden. (Siehe Bild) (Habe ich bei einen anderen Lüfter model gesehen.

Kapton Klebeband hilft Wärme vom model abzuschirmen, und es funktioniert. Temperatur Fehler hat sich erledigt)

Für Testdrucke folgendes Teil "overhang_test" verwendet. Mit Standard Cura Einstellung gedruckt.


Materials and methods

- NEW print material twobears BIOFILA Platec
- Print ABS
- (PLA limited use for testing yes, 4 hrs. 220 ° has kept with me)

• Tool for Nozzle guard V1.0 = PLA/twobears BIOFILA Platec
• Nozzle guard V1.0 = ABS
• Ultimaker 2 fan mount V2.3 The Olsson Block = ABS/twobears BIOFILA Platec



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F78a556b8c4e10224de5fd90699f8d2e?default=blank&size=40waternut13134 commented ago

Im Printing the new version now,Ill report back how it works.

Mini image3zerspaner.gerd commented ago

My English is not good.

waternut13134 I'll downsize the holes. (I already have a loose screw)

Laben Have from you only the fan position seen and then applied to my model and make a big difference to my old inclined version.

F78a556b8c4e10224de5fd90699f8d2e?default=blank&size=40waternut13134 commented ago

Yes,Maybe 1MM or 1.5MM the holes are just a tad bit to big where the screws cant grasp the plastic to hold the fan.

71b463670786721f0b436993f43c316c?default=blank&size=40Michiel commented ago

Oh wait, this isn't my original model anymore :)

71b463670786721f0b436993f43c316c?default=blank&size=40Michiel commented ago

Need a revised model with smaller holes?

F78a556b8c4e10224de5fd90699f8d2e?default=blank&size=40waternut13134 commented ago

Just installed the latest version,everything fits great besides the holes for the fans,they are a bit to big.

Mini image3zerspaner.gerd commented ago

Have new update releases.

Ultimaker 2 fan Mount V2.3 The Olsson Block

Tool For Nozzle Guard V1.0

Nozzle Guard V1.0

71b463670786721f0b436993f43c316c?default=blank&size=40Michiel commented ago

It looks I started a whole family of fan mount designs. Nice to see :)

Mini image3zerspaner.gerd commented ago

How far looks the nozzle out. (With me ca.3.5mmm)

Give them equal 100% or stagger the speed.

Cura setting:

Maximum fan in height: 0.7mm

9ef5efd3d9d0681d790a4b06eff538f5?default=blank&size=40vilde commented ago

I keep getting some heater errors when i go PLA and 100% fans, now i go with fans 60% , do you get any errors? Im usting same kapton tape as you.

9ef5efd3d9d0681d790a4b06eff538f5?default=blank&size=40vilde commented ago

Yeah i sorted it out. Removed some material from the model and changed the degree of where the fans are mounted.

Mini image3zerspaner.gerd commented ago

I had the same problem, but with my new Ultimaker with standard fan mount of Ultimaker. Have then the holes of end stop milling as a slot + the screws I have sunk in the fan, since been I had no problem.

possibly enough so the last chance but brings only a few millimeters.

translated by Google

9ef5efd3d9d0681d790a4b06eff538f5?default=blank&size=40vilde commented ago


i downloaded the ohlsson block version. The left fan hits the wall. Anyhing i can do about that? Its the switch doesnt click because of the fan hitting the wall to early. hope you understand my bad english :)

Mini profileChristopher Bray commented ago

Is there any chance that you could share the source CAD file or a STEP file? I just broke the little mounting bracket off and I would like to beef that up.

Please and thanks.

Mini image3zerspaner.gerd published this design ago