Ultimaker 2 Filament Guide

Filament guide to allow larger spool holders to captively guide the filament without risk of jumping off the guide. This works with small and large spools [edit] - Fixed models to allow correct orientation of STL files (Z axis vertical)

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I needed this for my Loose Filament Holder, as the filament would jump off the UM2 supplied filament guide, I needed it to be captive, and found NeonGreen's design (https://www.youmagine.com/designs/improved-filament-guide-for-ultimaker-2) which was almost OK, but does not captively hold the filament in the orientation required, so I took that as inspiration and modelled one that will hold the filament captively on both sides.

Materials and methods

1x M3 x 40mm Cap Head Bolt/Screw.
1x M3 Nut

For printing orientation see the DSC08682_Small.jpg. One day I'll figure out how to get solidworks to orientate STL correctly!)

Printed with 15% Infill @ 40 or 50mm/s and 0.1mm layer height.



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Printed on:
Ultimaker 2+
Good, nice fitt and easy to print.
With the Ultimaker 2+ the spool holder has some distance away from the wall. The guide needs to be pushed out 2-3 cm from the wall to become perfect for the "+" as well. With a new design for a M3x60 (then with 20 mm added distance from the wall) this guide would be perfect for the Ultimaker 2+ as well.
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Mini phil gravatarphil-t commented ago

If you could post a picture of the rear left, I can modify the design to just be a single bolt just like the bearing one linked..

Mini aeroeye logo transparentNeil Watts commented ago

I'm guessing now Ultimaker have come clean re no second extruder that they have changed to case design to reflect that decision. I'm now using this one https://www.youmagine.com/designs/um2-bearing-filament-guide

Mini bobahelmet1Tommy Napier commented ago

I have the same predicament as Aeo3D. Newly acquired UM2 Ext (Dec 2015) the holes on the frame do not allow for installation.

Mini aeroeye logo transparentNeil Watts commented ago

Hmm. I've printed this guide but when going to fit realise my U2 case does not have the required holes to the left of the filament spool. In fact it does not have any of the holes on that side (opposite the feeder motor assembly). Bought my U2 just a week or so ago (November 2015). Does this mean mine is an old model or a new model? It did have the Olsson block included inside the sealed box. Need to look for another filament guide now.

Thanks for any responses.

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Printed on:
Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
Perfect result and looks great without any finishing
Print settings Layer: 0,1mm Infill: 40% Mats: Silver gray PLA from Ultimaker
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Printed on:
Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
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