Ultimaker 2 Invisible Enclosure

Simple and cheap enclosure for the UM2. Less smell and less noise. Print whatever you want, whenever you want!

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I love 3d printing so much that I usually have my Ultimaker 2 printing all day. As I work every day with the UM2 on my side, I wanted to create an enclosure that didn't change the printer's original shape or the space it needs, and at the same time, that it reduced the noise and smells.

Materials & Instructions

The enclosure I've designed can be divided into two different parts: the front door and the top cover. If you want, you can just install half of the enclosure, depending on your needs. In case you print with PLA and you don't have any smell, I would recommend you to install the front sliding door, as it's nearly invisible and it makes the UM2 even prettier.


First of all, to install the front door you will need a 3mm deep laser cut transparent acrylic sheet. The front door's design is the same as the one you can see on the images, it fits perfectly on the front part of the UM2. The file with the design, called "front_door_ultimaker" is in*.ai format, and the door's size is 326x326mm. It's very important that the acrylic sheet is 3mm deep to fit perfectly in the front panel.

After this, you will need to print two "front_cover" parts and use them to replace the two bolts you can find on the sides of the "Ultimaker 2" logo on the front panel. It's necessary to remove the two bolts because they scratch the acrylic door. After a month of use without those two bolts, I haven't had any stability problems.

The last step before the front door is installed is to print two "front_clip_left" and two "front_clip_right". After you've got them, you must unscrew the top and bottom bolts (not the middle ones!) on both sides, and then you must screw them inserting the clips. 

After this, you just need to slide the front door and it will be installed! I would also recommend you to buy a whiteboard marker so you can use the front door to write notes about the item you're printing, you will never forget the infill percentage!


This part of the enclosure may be a little more difficult to install, and also it may be different depending on your needs.

This time you will have to print four "top_clip" parts. This V-shaped clips will hold the transparent cover. Each clip has a thin and a thick wall. All the thin parts must go on the inside, and the thick parts on the outside (this is very important!).

Then you will need some plastic transparent film to create the cover. I've used some transparent plastic tablecloth and it works great, as it is thick and it reduces the noise when printing. You can download the "cover_design" PDF to see the design and measures I've used in my UM2. Your design may vary, as there are different possibilities. The design I've used does not fully close as I left the back part loose so I can easily remove the bowden tube when I want. In case you want to fully close it, you can use some clips or glue!

If you have any question or improvement idea, please share it on the comments section!

Materials and methods


- 2x "front_clip_left"
- 2x "front_clip_right"
- 2x "front_cover"
- 3mm acrylic door


- 4x "top_clip"
- Transparent plastic film (transparent tablecloth works great!)



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Anyone else made this and experienced a too tight fit between the front door panel and the clips? It doesn't seem to fit on my UM2+ very well.. The door panel is 3 mm thick as specified.

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Hi Agustin,

I like your design of the cover, is it possible to upload the front door in .dwg or .dxf format? Then I can open it in AutoCAD and send it to the lasercutter.

Kind regards!


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I opened this in several programs and they all show the front door as blank. For example in inkscape which specializes in just this kind of file I set the canvas to be 30 inches square and it still shows up as blank. I tried photoshop. Blank. I tried a free online ai reader. Blank. Could you please output the door in a second format? A vector format please as I need to laser cut it! I think svg format would be best.

Mini domustyle logo in szeneD.M printed this ago
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Printed on:
Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
nice result but to install the poly foil was very tricky, thanks for that nice looking idea!
Printed with 0,1mm height and 40% infill
C4d72c3cd2e3caca15b5d0f8a5a7bdc0?default=blank&size=40ChrisEyhorn commented ago

Do you know any online suppliers can custom cut the acrylic front piece?

Mini agustinflowalistik 072017Agustin Flowalistik published this design ago