Ultimaker 2 Replacement Print Head

This is a print head for the Ultimaker 2.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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I created it after my second original print head got cracks.

It is a drop in replacement, you can use stock bearings.

The cables are fixed on the outside and the outer part is designed to be removed by only loosen the four screws.

The cables are fixed on the outside and the outer part is designed to be removed by only loosen the four screws.

Design is mostly influenced by https://www.youmagine.com/designs/modular-printhead-for-ultimaker2-v2-2 but I wanted a drop in replacement not changing the original size and shape too much and not to have to alter the firmware.

The 1.75mm version is meant to use a bowden coupling on the top. For example https://e3d-online.com/embedded-bowden-couplings-for-plastic-1-75mm-filament.



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E0e6ac36352b5a945b95dcd0fb06f445?default=blank&size=40JohsonChou commented ago

First printed with support, remains of support screwed up the fit.

printed without support, fits like a glove. There is no need for support, really.

50% Infill PLA. Made this to pressfit Igus 6mm bearings.

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4a8424db3e293813e96ffccb74165f81?default=blank&size=40LittleRP commented ago

I think the original files will be useful and I'd offer to try and open the gaps up a little and modify it for a heatset collet ring. I did try a cura print today and while it fit better, it still spreads the outside piece in order to close the gap. I tried decreasing the extrusion amount and had supports start failing so I'm not sure I'm overextruding much. Also shoudl you be able to remove the pieces with the bowden tube still in place, or does it need to be removed. With the 1.75mm version it seems like it needs to be removed just not sure on the intended function.

Mini profilbildAlexander Leisentritt commented ago

I don’t know the designed gap at the moment. Will look it up but I never had problems. Maybe check your extrsuion settings and reduce them a bit?

I am thinking of providing a model without the tube hole and tube mounting for someone else, I can upload here too for you to design that part yourself with your favourite CAD system...

4a8424db3e293813e96ffccb74165f81?default=blank&size=40LittleRP commented ago

Thanks for uploading the 1.75mm version, having some problems getting a good fit of the two halves when slicing with simplify3d, how big of a gap is there out of curiosity? I'll keep trying different things though such as cura (I have to really squeeze the halves together to get the m3 holes to line up).

Also might be nice to have a 1.75mm version geared towards the e3d embedded for metal bowden ring which can be embedded in plastic with heat pretty easy, I believe bondtech uses this fitting in their nylon and abs housings.

Mini avatarJonatan Rullman commented ago

Thanks a million. I'm probably still a couple of months away from 1.75. I have done a test fit of everything (with the original head) but I still have lots of 3mm filament to use up so I converted it back again.

Mini profilbildAlexander Leisentritt commented ago

No M6 but a bowden coupling, just uploaded and updated the design. See if it fits for you or get in private contact with me, then we can do something about the design files...

Mini avatarJonatan Rullman commented ago

That would be great.

If you don't use an M6 screw thread in your setup I could very easily just make a small plate on top to replace the spacers. But it would be excellent with a version that is made for a 4mm tube.

Mini profilbildAlexander Leisentritt commented ago

Actually I am running a 1.75 version of the head. I have to search it and will upload it to here. But I won't share CAD files in public. Sorry...

Mini avatarJonatan Rullman commented ago

Thanks. I did print it without supports in the end and it worked perfectly, the bearings was a very tight fit. Used PLA for now but I should print it in ABS later on.

I really like this head, much easier to mount than the original one. It seems to be working just as well too.

Any chance you could upload a cad file? I'm in the process of converting my printers to 1.75 and it would be great to add thread for the coupler and decrease the dimension of the hole for the bowden tube.

Mini profilbildAlexander Leisentritt commented ago

Working well here, didn't have to change yet again though I change the hotend three times.

I printed with Innofil ABS at 100 micron with support in the bearing holes of the inner part. The residue of the support make the bearings have a tight fit but that seems fine.

The outer part prints fine without support.

Mini avatarJonatan Rullman commented ago

Two years on, how do you feel that this design is working?

What settings did you use for it? I was having a hard time deciding if it needed supports or not.

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