Ultimaker Original

These are the design files and the documentation for the Ultimaker Original, including the Bill of Materials and all of the 3D files and documentation for each part.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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Note, the Ultimaker Original has been upgraded. The files of this upgrade are also shared online. Find them at:

Below is the information for the "Regular" Ultimaker Original.

All of the files can be found here:

For the bill of materials see the tab "Bill of Materials" or the BOM files in the github repository.

Injection moulding files have been uploaded earlier under this YouMagine entry:

There are alternatives available for these injection moulded parts which can be lasercut. These can be found here:

For more information about the Ultimaker Original, see: www.ultimaker.com

The Ultimaker Original is sold both as a complete DIY kit by the company Ultimaker. It can also be purchased fully pre-assembled and calibrated for you. In addition, over the course of the months after it starts shipping, the Ultimaker 2 files will be released.

The electronics have been released here:

Assembly instructions can be found here:http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Mechanics_build_guide

Materials and methods

Right now all of the files can be found on Github:

The Bill of Materials is found in the file that is found under "Documents".

Part number _ _ | Name | Quantity
B1002-A2P-A|Front Panel|1
B1003-A2P-A|Back Panel|1
B1004-A2P-A|Left Panel|1
B1005-A2P-A|Right Panel|1
B1006-A2P-A|Top Panel|1
B1007-A2P-A|Bottom Panel|1
B1008-A2P-A|Reel Holder Part A|1
B1009-A2P-A|Reel Holder Mounting Plate|1
B1011-A2P-A|Y-linear shaft|2
B1012-A2P-A|X-linear shaft|2
B1013-A2P-A|Feeder Base Plate Non Motor Side|1
B1014-A1P-A|Trapezoidal Lead Nut|1
B1015-Z1P-A|Linear Bearing LM12LUU|2
B1016-Z1P-A|Feeder Quick Fit Coupling|1
B1017-Z1P-A|Feeder Motor|1
B1018-A2P-A|Feeder Base Plate Motor Side|1
B1021-Z1P-A|Ball Bearing 688-2RS|10
B1023-Z1P-A|Limit Switch, Black Long Wire|1
B1024-Z1P-A|Limit Switch, Black Short Wire|1
B1025-Z1P-A|Limit Switch, Blue Wire|2
B1026-Z1P-A|Limit Switch, Red Wire|2
B1027-A1P-A|Rigid Shaft Coupling|1
B1028-A2P-A|Z-linear Shaft|2
B1029-A2P-A|Bearing Cap Outside|8
B1031-A2P-A|Feeder Bolt Clip|1
B1032-A2P-A|Feeder Clamp A|1
B1033-A2P-A|Feeder Clamp C|1
|Feeder Clamp B|
B1035-A2P-A|Feeder Lever|1
B1036-A2P-A|Feeder Wheel|1
B1037-A2P-A|Print Head Coupling Plate|1
B1038-A2P-A|Print Table Lock Nut|4
B1039-A2P-A|Feeder U bar|1
B1041-A2P-A|Feeder Small Gear|1
B1042-A2P-A|Cable Strain Relief|1
B1043-A2P-A|Trapezoidal Lead Screw|1
B1044-A2P-A|Z-shaft Cap Top|2
B1045-A2P-A|Bearing Cap Inside|2
B1046-A2P-A|Print Head Shaft X,Y|2
B1047-A2P-A|Electronics Base Plate|1
B1048-A2P-A|Print Head Hot End Holder|1
B1049-A2P-A|Aluminum Heater Block|1
B1052-Z1P-A|Heater Cartridge 18V 40W|1
B1053-A2P-A|Hot End Isolator Tube|1
B1054-A2P-A|Nozzle 0.4mm|1
B1055-A2P-B|Hot End Isolator Coupler|1
B1056-A2P-A|Sintered Bushing|4
B1057-A2P-A|Z-shaft Cap Bottom|2
B1058-A2P-A|Print Head Back|1
B1059-A2P-A|Print Head Top Cap|1
B1061-A2P-B|Print Head Bottom Cap|1
B1062-A2P-A|Print Head Left|1
B1063-A2P-A|Print Head Front|1
B1064-A2P-A|Print Head Right|1
B1065-Z1P-A|Linear Bearing LM6LUU|2
B1066-Z1P-A|Hexagon Spacer, White, M3x5.5x12|4
B1067-Z1P-A|PEEK Isolator|1
B1068-Z1P-A|Thermocouple Board Spacer|1
B1069-Z1P-A|Tube Coupling Collet|1
B1071-Z1P-A|Clamp Clip|1
B1072-Z1P-A|Thermocouple Transmitter|1
B1073-Z1P-A|Thermocouple Sensor|1
B1074-Z1P-A|Print Head Thumb Screw|1
B1075-Z1P-A|Print Head Fan 12VDC 1,2W|1
B1076-Z1P-A|Electronics Cooling Fan 24VDC|1
B1078-A2P-A|Fan Duct Electronics|1
B1079-A2P-B|Fan Duct Print Head|1
B1083-Z1P-A|X,Y Motor Spacer Black 3.2x6x11|8
B1084-Z2P-A|Timing Pulley 5mm Shaft|2
B1085-Z1P-A|Timing Belt B100 MXL|2
B1086-Z1P-A|Timing Belt B300 MXL|4
B1087-Z2P-A|Bowden Tube|1
B1088-Z2P-A|Timing Pulley 8mm Shaft|10
B1090-A1P-A|Arduino Mega Ultimaker Shield 1.5.7|1
B1094-A1P-A|Arduino Mega 2560|1
B1096-A1P-A|Power Adapter 19v-120W|1
B1097-A1P-A|Spiral Sleeve|1
B1098-A1P-A|Stepper Driver|4
B1101-A2P-A|Print Table Front Plate|1
B1102-A2P-A|Print Table Back Plate|1
B1103-A2P-A|Trapezoidal Lead Nut Holder|2
B1104-A2P-A|Print Table Bottom Plate|1
B1105-A2P-A|Print Table Arm Part A|1
B1106-A2P-A|Print Table Arm Part B|1
B1107-A2P-A|Print Table Arm Part C1|4
B1108-A2P-A|Print Table Arm Part D1|2
B1109-A2P-A|Print Table Arm Part C2|4
B1111-A2P-A|Print Table Arm Part D2|2
B1112-A2P-A|Print Table Arm Part E|1
B1113-A2P-A|Print Table Arm Part F|1
B1114-A2P-A|Build Platform Acryllic|1
B1116-A2P-A|Reel Holder Part B|4
B1117-A2P-A|Sliding Block Part A|8
B1118-A2P-A|Sliding Block Part B|1
B1119-A2P-A|Sliding Block Part C|2
B1121-A2P-A|Sliding Block Part D|4
B1122-A2P-A|Sliding Block Part E|1
B1123-A2P-A|Electronics Cover Plate|1
B1126-A2P-A|Feeder Middle Plate|1
B1127-A2P-A|Table Spring D1450|1
B1128-A2P-A|Feeder Big Gear|1
B1131-A2P-A|Cable Duct Front|2
B1132-A2P-A|Cable Duct Back|2
B1133-Z2P-A|Feeder Knurled Bolt|1
B1134-Z1P-A|Capnut M8|1
B1136-Z1P-A|Washer M8|3
B1137-Z1P-A|Nut M8|1
B1139-Z1P-A|Spacer, White, 3.2x5x16|4
B1141-Z1P-A|Lock Nut M3|11
B1142-Z1P-A|Ball Bearing 693ZZ|1
B1143-Z1P-A|Feeder Spring D2110|1
B1144-Z1P-A|USB Cable|1
B1145-A2A-A|Main Cable|1
B1147-Z1P-A|Power Cable EU Type C6|
B1148-Z1P-A|Power Cable UK Type C6|
B1149-Z1P-A|Power Cable AU Type C6|
B1150-Z1P-A|Power Cable US Type C6|
|Washer Large M3|7
|ISO 7380 M3x10|45
|ISO 7380 M3x12|5
|ISO 7380 M3x16|67
|ISO 7380 M3x20|12
|ISO 7380 M3x25|1
|ISO 7380 M3x30|53
|Nut M3|151
|Set Screw M4x4|12
|Set Screw M3x5|5
|Hex Key Srewdriver 2|1
|Hex Key Wrench 1.5|1


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