Ultimaker XY blocks with banana tensioner REMIX

This is a remix of the XY blocks with banana tensioner by alan89 and MoonCactus

3D printer parts and enhancements

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My older XY blocks printed in PLA can't take the heat from ABS printing. So it's time to print some new ones. See YouTube Video

Work from the included Solidworks files if you need to change anything. I originally rebuilt the excellent work from alan89 as a parametric model than changed some features that should help with strength.

Materials and methods

- print %1 bigger
- 100% infill (solid
- print main part with the flat side touching the build platform and no support.
- Epoxy is used as glue. Sand bushing hole till it can be lightly pressed in. Add epoxy from the inside to keep bushing in place.

This was designed off of work from alan89:


Original banana XY bushing block by MoonCactus can be found here:

You should read both of these creators content and info before using these as they are all related.



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