Ultimaker2-Family - Improved slider block

Ultimaker2-Family - Improved slider block / First appeared on Thingiverse by mnis, published May 28, 2016

3D printer parts and enhancements

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    This design is largely based on the original slider block of Ultimaker 2 (first edition September 2013).

    What's different or better?
    This is not a pure 1:1 copy, but a variant newly created. with the essential features and dimensions from the original!

    This design is not optimized for injection molding, but for 3D-Print.
    All snap locks can be opened more easily, so that maintenance work can be performed easily and reliably. When you create a small supply as a precaution, you need not wait for expensive original parts, or cheap China Goods.

    Universal use:
    It is a more universal version available for tension springs with different inner diameter. Then you may need to drill out the leadthroughs, and use a screw. A bolt with nut thus secures the half-shells and keeps the tension spring in position. !!! Choose the screw to match the inner diameter of the tension spring !!!

    Good for MXL- and GT2-Belts with a maximum width of 6.5mm.
    Suitable for sliding bearings with the following dimensions: 8mm x 11mm x 30mm. The bearing seat is: 8.5mm x 11.2mm x 30.2mm.

    Suitable for sliding bearings with the following dimensions: 8mm x 12mm x 30mm. The bearing seat is: 8.5mm x 12.2mm x 30.2mm.

    Materials and methods

    Print Settings
    Printer Brand: Ultimaker

    Printer: Ultimaker 2
    Rafts: No
    Supports: No
    Resolution: 0.1mm / Nozzle-Size: 0.4mm
    Infill: 33%

    Possibly a thorough post-processing of each object is required. Remove unwanted deposits from the printed object, such as lint or crumbs. Please pay special attention to the fact that the bearing seats must be absolutely clean for accurate fitment. Failure to comply, the bearings could sit awry, this leads to increased friction and uneven wear.

    Print The new slider blocks in your favorite color.
    For a functional object replication can be used almost any materials on the market, including PLA. PLA.: - Temp: ~196 degree
    Speed: 33mm/s

    How I Designed This
    Because many of my original slider blocks already went during the first dismantling experiment broken. Be very careful if they ever need to open the original slider blocks. The brackets of snap-ins are very brittle!



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