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Ultimaker2 temperature lid

Keeps the heat inside for ABS prints. The goal was to create a lid That requires no modification of the ultimaker itself. UPDATED 17/11/2014

3D printer parts and enhancements


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Also having problems with ugly warping abs models becaus of cooler airflow/ heat loss in your printer?

This lid should help you a lot to prevent this from happening.
There are 3 positions, Closed (duh), open 90Β° and removed from printer. (Well if you are creative, limitless)

I was originally planning to do this with a piece of plexi, but I needed some test cases for large chopped pieces, so I also provided a prinable lid.

Same goes for the screws, needed to test thread printing, so you'll also find some printable screws.

This is a work in progress, so there could be some changes.
You're free to add some change requests in the comment section, I'll be glad to incorporate them

source files are included (pro/e wf3). Please reupload if you improve them!

WORK IN PROGRESS.... action shots will follow.

UPDATE1; The upper parts didn't fit nicely, fixed (17/11/2014)

Materials and methods

4 x Din912 M6x35 (or the "long" printable screws)

4 x M6x20 flat headed (or the "short" printable screws)

2 x "lock" piece fo top

1 x "hinge" piece for bottom

1 x "hinge piece MIRRORED for bottom

4 x printable "cheapo doorpiece" to be glued together -OR- cut a nice transparent piece of plexi as lid



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