Issue Are Your Dash Lights Flickering? Here Are Some Likely Causes #2

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You walk up to your car. Press the unlock button on your fob. Get inside your vehicle. Push the start button. Get greeted by the familiar lights of your dashboard. But wait. It seems to be flickering. On, off, and on again. If your dashboard's like a really old set of holiday lights, it might be time to take a closer look at your car.

Why do dashboard lights flicker when you drive?

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There are a myriad of reasons as to why your dash lights may flicker. A dying battery is one, for starters. As we've covered here before, your battery is solely responsible for powering your car's electrical unit. If your car battery's dead, or close to dying, it'll cause your dash lights to flicker.

If you suspect such a case, get a battery test from our resident mobile mechanic at Service My Car. After the test, you can also get your car battery replaced by getting a quote on our website or our app.

Another reason for flickering dash lights could be a faulty alternator. It's the catalyst for distributing electricity in your car. It also recharges your battery as you drive. If the alternator in your vehicle fails to charge the battery, it can affect all the electrical units in your car.

If your battery happens to be relatively new, then it's most definitely the alternator that's the cause of the problem. However, a thorough diagnosis with Service My Car can identify the problem in no time. When your alternator isn't functioning correctly, it needs to be fixed, or replaced.

Get a free quote from Service My Car, where our certified technician will determine if the alternator has to be repaired or replaced.

What happens when your dashboard lights flicker, and your car doesn't start?

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If your dashboard lights are flickering and your car doesn't start at all, then it's probably the battery that's the issue. In such cases, the battery won't have any energy to crank start the vehicle. As a result, you'll be required to change the failing battery.

There are other causes for flickering dash lights when your car doesn't start. They include -
• Failing battery because of a faulty alternator
• Loose or dirty battery cables
• A poorly functioning ignition switch
• Faulty control modules

What's happening when your headlights and your dashboard lights are flickering?


Flickering headlights with flickering dash lights is a combination that essentially signals towards the alternator being worn out. If you happen to face such a situation, then you're advised to get your alternator repaired or replaced. Get the best service from the expert technicians at Service My Car.

We'll examine the alternator and determine what's the best approach. Here are some helpful signs of a bad alternator:

• An illuminated battery warning light
• Lights that are dimmer than usual
• Slow or malfunctioning electrical accessories
• A slow crank in the engine
• A car that's frequently stalling
• Growling and whining noises when driving
• The scent of burnt rubber

Now that you're aware of the likely causes of flickering dash lights, you can stay on top of your electrical issues. Whether it's the battery or the alternator that needs replacing, we've got you covered.

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