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Ultra Dry Spool Holders

Designed to hold moisture sensitive filaments, like PVA and Nylon.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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Ultra Dry Spool Holders

Designed to hold moisture sensitive filaments, like PVA and Nylon.


  • 3 Versions available, Narrow, Standard and Wide:

    -- Narrow: spools from 140 to 210mm outside diameter and width up to 40mm;
    -- Standard: spools from 140 to 210mm outside diameter and width up to 70mm;
    -- Wide: spools from 140 to 210mm outside diameter and width up to 100mm;

  • Ball bearing design;
  • Largest printable part only 125 x 125 x 128mm;
  • Can handle heavy spools (3.5kg, 5kg);
  • Clear windows to check and measure remaining filament;
  • Blue silica holder with inspection window;
  • All parts designed to be printed without supports;
  • Included detailed assembly instructions;

(project #300417 - G.Calin - gcalin@uol.com.br - May/2017)

Alternative parts - Base and Cover for large bed printers

For those with large bed printer (250x250mm), the base and cover are now available in a single piece:

  • PAR300417-103_104-{version} - Base AB (ALTERNATE 3D Print x1).STL
  • PAR300417-105_106-{version} - Cover AB (ALTERNATE 3D Print x1).STL

These parts do not have the mounting pillars and can be printed in a single run, making assembly faster and easier.

Alternative roller

An additional roller is available:

  • PAR300417-024-{version} - Conic support roll BODY (3D Print x4).STL
  • PAR300417-025-{version} - Conic support roll PIN (3D Print x2).STL

Materials and methods

For the Cover and Base parts (largest parts in PLA)

Use large brim (20mm or so) to minimize warping
Use at least 3 shell and top/bottom layers
Use 35% infill
0.2mm layer works well

For Hinges and other small parts (in ABS)

High density infill (30~50%) is recommended
Use at least 2 shell and top/bottom layers
0.1mm layer gives a nice finish



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Mini img 2108Anthony commented ago

Hey Rebekah

I'm at a loss at the moment all the filament's i have are all specialised. nylons, Cpe's, Abs, etc. so now looking for some Pla..but luckily I have all the hardware here so that helps.

1da19e901b88f2f023dd67a14c7caa07?default=blank&size=40rebekah3505 commented ago

hiya anthony,

I used about 500gr for the main body and not a huge amount for the parts.

I have got bearings in one but not essential. I made some solid rings in the same size and they work fine.

all the hardware from the parts list, I bought off ebay and was cheap enough.

Mini img 2108Anthony commented ago

Hi Rebekah & Gabriel

Thanks for your help'. I've not started printing them yet as I need to find myself a suitable cost effective filament to use. but soon as I've printed one I'll get back with a heads up..

thanks again for the help.

1da19e901b88f2f023dd67a14c7caa07?default=blank&size=40rebekah3505 printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 0220
Printed on:
Ultimaker 2+
Brilliant. 0 supports required.
None that I can think of.
1da19e901b88f2f023dd67a14c7caa07?default=blank&size=40rebekah3505 commented ago

Hiya Anthony,

I've printed two so far and can safely say no support is required.

Just make sure the bottom pieces are printed with the bottom on the build plate and the tops are printed with the roof on the build plate.

I have found that you may need to re-orientate some for some reason. I trust they were saved in the correct way but for some reason some are on their side.

Mini error404 404Gabriel Calin commented ago

Hi Anthony,

All parts were designed to be printed without supports. Just keep them oriented as displayed in the assembly instructions (all STL were exported with the proper orientation).

Mini img 2108Anthony commented ago

Hi there

I just download these. which way up would you recommend printing to avoid/ minimilise the use of support ?

Mini error404 404Gabriel Calin commented ago

Hello rebekah3505,

Hope it works well. Publish some pictures when it is done!

You should be able to print all parts without support.

1da19e901b88f2f023dd67a14c7caa07?default=blank&size=40rebekah3505 commented ago

so far so good. I am printing it at this moment and looks great. I used minimal support but I don't think that will be necessary. looks very sturdy.

I will be printing a few of these.

I did add some text on the front so I can identify what material is inside.

I look forward to the finished result.


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