UM2 Build Plate Stabilizer

This clever device will stabilize the UM2 build plate so prints look awesome with no blemishes. It is so simple you wont believe it.

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This bracket stabilizes the Ultimaker 2 heated build plate fixing the problem of vibration from fast motion. I have been using and testing for a few weeks and the results are dramatic for me. I do want to collect feedback as I have another solution and looking for beta testers (see below).

It mounts to the side of the build plate (not the glass) and uses a foam pad (not included) to keep downward force. A gentle force, like you were using your finger to dampen the vibration. It works well with one, but I think two is better. It takes sometime to setup, but you can set and forget. It does not interfere and is designed to break off,... if ever it is in the way. Please use caution as you install and give some feedback on your results.

I hope you like this design and I encourage you to encourage me. I am having fun creating new things and if you print this and have ideas or feedback, please click like and/or write me a comment. Thanks and may the force be with you.

Materials and methods

Foam packing pad (the type you throw away. Not Styrofoam)



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2540% scale works fine. It was in inches instead of mm...

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I suspect the units are inches. So scale by 2540 % to get proper mm size. I have not tested this yet though.

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And give Z 27mm away and it's better for 100% infill.

Comment 1-2 is for Cura from Ultimaker

Mini 2241c2348cc725c2e6cc8b960260d4b7R-Obert commented ago

I think the scale is 28.0 or less. When it's a bit to big give some paper under it.

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Looks like the scale on this one is off--what units was this meant to be in?

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