UM2 Fan Duct

UM2 Fan Ducts designed for the Olson Block that can swivel out of the way Version 2 now available, ""

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These Fan Ducts are designed to suit the "Olson Block", and will suit those that are running dual extruders, just mirror the LH Fan Duct. They also fit if using a Rear Fan Duct on the rear fan.

The Fans are a slight push fit into the Duct so no screws required, they swivel on the rear print head assembly screws and latch on the front two.

Once printed use a 3.0mm drill to clean out the mounting holes.

The Ducts are fitted by removing the two rear print head assembly screws (long vertical Knurled) inserting the Ducts, add a spacer to the long screws and re assemble.(the spacers are to counter for the thread that extends through the bottom plate, which is usually about 3mm, fit if needed, adjust if necessary). If you add the spacers to the rear add them to the front as well.

Once fitted the ducts can swivel out of the way to allow full accesms to the heater block ( Please remember to latch back into printing position before "Home Head" after maintenance) 

There are two different sets, one set has a notch (B,D,F) to allow more air flow towards the print nozzle the other set doesn't (A,C,E) the RH Duct has a few variants on shape.

(I have only tested the A & B variants of the RH Duct)

 There is a great improvement on flow so you may need to reduce the percentage flow depending on the heater you are using. there is a 35W heater available from "3Dsolex" for those running the "Olson Block"

Please let me know how you get on with using these ducts and any comments etc.

Materials and methods

No extra parts required, no screws required to mount the fans.
Print a LH Fan Duct of your Choice and a RH Fan Duct of your Choice.
Print 4 off of the spacers.
Print all items at 0.1 layer height. With Brim and with supports, with the Duct exit flat down.
Use material of choice (preferable the highest temp material you print)



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Ultimaker 2
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Mini online avatar 2014Stefan Nicolin commented ago

Doh! Thanks :)

Mini imageIzzy commented ago

Hi Nicolinux, I would check out version 2, which has its own page

Mini online avatar 2014Stefan Nicolin commented ago

Thanks for the design!

Do you have a recommendation which RH version to use? The air might flow better if there is no indent on its way - so maybe E and C are better?

And by the way - you should totally name it "Tapir Fan Duct" because the tip shape looks like a Tapir nose :) (might also make it easier to refer to when it gets famous).

Mini logo novi tekst bezbcgrMarko Salopek added this to the Ultimaker Upgrades/Mods collection ago
Mini imageIzzy commented ago

Cheers Rick, I admit the hole is designed at 3.2mm so a slight clearance on the tread, but I cleared it with a 3.0 mm drill or reamer, I will change the note on both versions.

BTY the V2 has the vertical adjustment.

5fd08096b950d188364dab4e28beaa30?default=blank&size=40EldRick commented ago

The thumbscrews are 3mm diameter. You need to open up the holes with a 3mm drill, not larger, for a good fit. 3.2mm or 1/8" drill simply makes for a sloppy attachment, with wiggle in it.

Mini imageIzzy commented ago

Hi, all thanks for comments and surgestions, Version 2 is now available which has vertical adjustment to allow for variations in nozzles etc. I hope it suits your needs as well as it suits mine, Izzy.

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Mini imageIzzy commented ago

Version 2 is being worked on that allows for some vertical adjustment.

5fd08096b950d188364dab4e28beaa30?default=blank&size=40EldRick commented ago

I got this installed. It needs supports on at 25% to support the inside flanges, and, for my fans at least, I had to scale it up to 101% to get enough room for a light press fit on the fans.

However, that said, it's the best design I've seen yet, and it even fits with the IH_HeatSink_FanDuct.stl for the rear fan, and the deflecteur_UM2.stl to better cool the PTFE spacer.

And for an extra bonus, it gets rid of 12 screws and 18 grams of weight on the print head, which certainly helps speed and accuracy of printing.


Mini imageChase added this to the Add ons collection ago
5fd08096b950d188364dab4e28beaa30?default=blank&size=40EldRick commented ago

I really like the ability to see the extrusion at the tip of the nozzle - very helpful when tuning temps and speeds. Great design job!

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