UM2 Friction Mounted Removable Door, Hinge and Latch Set

Includes Door Cut path for Ultimaker 2 Extended Door. Set requires no glue or screws to attach to the Printer. Glue is only to assemble Latch and to attach parts to door. Can require some sanding/filing for perfect fit. If to large use printer paper for shim between the part and Printer housing.


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All parts held pt printer with friction only. Door can also me removed while leaving friction mounts in place by lifting the door and removing the hinge axles from the friction mounts. This hinge and latch set also allows the plexi door to flush mount to the printer face.

Prints with Support

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Materials and methods

- Super Glue to assemble latch and attach parts to the door.

- 3/16" Plexi



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Hi thanks for sharing! Really love that I don't need to make permanent modifications. I am making this door for my Ultimaker 2 Go which is smaller and I modified the latch to make it shorter. Shall I send you the STL file? Then you can post here for other UM2Go users.

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