UM2 small spool holder

This printed part can be used to replace the spool holder on an Ultimaker 2 whenever spools with a 19mm mounting hole are used. (such as Taulman Bridge Nylon)

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    Within the past week I have successfully printed Taulman Bridge Nylon with my UM2 for the first time. The success was enabled by the following measures:

    • Enclose the system with a box to produce an elevated temperature environment (mine gets up to about 105F after about 10 min of running)

    • Put a fresh coat of 10% Elmer's glue solution on the bed before each job (I can see where the parts being removed from the bed at the end of a job leave a clean spot on the glass without glue).

    • Mess around with temperature until you find a temperature low enough to cause no charred black spots to come out of the nozzle but high enough to get a good juicy melt. 230C nozzle and 80C for bed worked for me.

    • Keep the filament dry.


    This design was remixed on Tinkercad from " spoolholder for smaller inner diameter" by Ed Driesen

    Materials and methods

    After printing, tear away and file down the supports (shown in red)

    Special drill bits
    are recommended for drilling plastic without digging in and cracking plastic (especially acrylic).

    The handles will facilitate moving the printers around to load filament, and will enable an ergonomically preferred 2-person carrying of the device.

    Because of it’s structural properties and durability, I’m building the enclosure from Plaskolite
    (or Coroplast) which can be obtained from Lowes Hardware.

    Coro Claw
    (see video
    ) can be used to facilitate fabricating with the material.

    Foamcore or cardboard can also be used, but it is not as durable.

    I plan to create an instructable for the box assembly soon.



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    Mini mugSkip Meetze commented ago

    Thanks Erik. I'll take some more pictures and update the posting. I wanted to get it posted quickly because I'm interested in having collaborators in rapidly developing the technology for printing in nylon for our e-NABLE volunteer fabricators. We are hoping to use fabric dye on the nylon parts to match skin tones of the recipients. A couple of requests for the YouMagine submission process: (1) I would like to be able to use lists (bulleted or numbered) in my instructions. (2) It is not clear to me how to provide attribution and links to the predecessor design(s) that I remixed to create my designs (so I just add a sentence in the description). It would be nice if there were an "attributions" field where I could just insert hotlinks to the predecessor designs. (3) Sometimes URLs show up as hotlinks and sometimes they have to be copied and pasted into the browser. (4) I suppose one way to include more user friendly instructions would be to include a PDF file in the Document section of YouMagine. We are making progress a desiccator system to enclose the filament spool while it is mounted on the UM2. That will have a lot of fabrication and little use of printed parts, so enhanced options for assembly instructions is a very good thing.

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    Hi Skip, nice contribution making the UM more compatible with various spools. And great how you publish things with such clear textual and especially graphical illustrations! We've made a feature especially with "assemblies" in mind (and specifically e-Nable as probably the best use case). This assemby is a good example of how you can show what the assembled, printed product would look like:

    I think it would make a lot of sense for most of your designs to use this feature, however we'd love to have your feedback. We will be improving on the feature regardless, but your feedback could move it forward more quickly and allows us to focus on what's most important.

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