Urban Puukko v2.0

An elegant & reliable everyday knife.


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This is a long-developed update to my Urban Puukko knife design,  https://www.youmagine.com/designs/urban-puukko , integrating features to improve aesthetics & usability.

What's new:

- The tang is no longer visible at the back of the handle

- A stellated pattern has been added to the handle to improve grip in wet conditions & when wearing gloves.

- A printable sheath is now part of the design, with magnets to keep the knife in the sheath until you want it.

Update: Sheath v2.0.2 uses a larger magnet, and an improved, more durable sheath design. 

Materials and methods

- Lauri PT 77 blade http://thompsonsknives.com/lauript.html
- 1x D22-N52 Magnet https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=D22-N52

-1x D33-N52



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Mini monkeymeLyle LeBlanc commented ago

The part where the blade goes in seems not really be flat and there is some weird geometry showing up around the spot for the magnet. I'm printing a test out now, but I am sinking the handle into the bed in Cura a bit so I can start with a nice flat surface. Thoughts?

3426ef6f2194ec4e8066ca7aa146784e?default=blank&size=40BarryR commented ago

I'm trying to recall how it worked for me... I think I oriented with the sheath opening on the build platform. Same for the handle, it was oriented with the blade opening on the platform. I will try to remember to open my cura files when I get home to review.

Mini monkeymeLyle LeBlanc commented ago

I'm having some trouble finding the best printing orientation for these parts. Any chance you can post some screen shots of how you set it up in Cura?


Mini monkeymeLyle LeBlanc commented ago

Thank you for this design and all the others. I've printed a few sets of reptar blocks and have been appreciating several other designs of yours. Lots of inspiring work and I look forward to what you come up with next!

On to the task at hand:

I just ordered all the parts I need to make two of these knives and was looking for any info on how to assemble. Do I just put things where they look like they fit and add glue? Might be obvious once I have everything in front of me, but I figured I'd ask all the same.


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Mini dsc06896 1nhfoley commented ago

It is intended to be clipped inside the waist of your pants, though it can also clip on a thin belt. The bulk of the sheath is nearest the body in both scenarios.

B7d6f1119e8b887805ec65ee991f1401?default=blank&size=40lucaslaboratories commented ago

Is the sheath made to be worn on the inside of a belt? the clip seems on the wrong side for the way the handle lays.

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