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Velociraptor Business Card

Business card that assembles into a Velociraptor. Small area to add information on tail. Update: removed jaw pincher, increase tail size for improved stability...


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Added first draft of raptor not in card form.Simply extrude cut into the stl file after import. Do not cut through all. Best results found to be using a depth of around .4 to .5mm. or extrude out 0,5mm. Be mindful of size limitations.

Update: Added the mirror images of parts. Instructions added

As I play with the printing I will randomly fix and improve the design. As of now I just added a few more supports which are important if you are printing at high quality.



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brilliant print out! Thank you

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Mini protofabrica 3d printed cube logoKarlo Miguel Perez printed this ago
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ultimaker 2
Pretty neat, and fun to assemble - reminds me a lot of Gundam toys. Though it is unbalanced and unable to stand by itself. I'll try to modify/add more to make it able to stand.
I'm really interested to see your next ideas!
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Mini cymonlogo200transparentJoe Larson printed this ago
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Makerbot - MakerBot Replicator 2
Actually a rep 1, but highly modified. Turned out nice, though the model needs to be run through cloud.netfabb.com.
Mini imageCleven published this design ago