Voronoi Drawer

Voronoi Drawer

For your home

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    A nice voronoi drawer for underneath your desk. It's big enough to store some essential 3D printing tools, but small enough to be stealthy and easy to hide. All parts are easy to print,
    with no support material required.

    There are several parts that you can print:

    • drawer.stl - this is the drawer
    • drawer.3MF - this is the drawer, but in the preferred .3MF file format
    • rails.stl - these are both rails placed in one .stl file, so you only have to print it once
    • rail01.3MF - a single rail that you will have to print twice, with one being mirrored


    If you want to support me for the designs I publish for free, please consider using my AliExpress Affiliate Link (https://bit.ly/2XYWpHW) when buying something from AliExpress. It doesn't cost you anything extra, but helps me out a lot :)

    Materials and methods

    Printer brand:

    I3 MK3S






    Semi-matte White




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