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Voronoi Flower Lampshade

Lampshade that should fit on some IKEA/Target lamps and more

For your home

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This lampshade was designed with Fusion360, Meshmixer, and Netfabb. The hole at the base is 40mm. The lattice structure is around 3mm thick and the internal piece for light defuse is 1.2mm thick

Materials and methods

This was designed with the intention of being printed on EOS formiga SLS printers, but if you have a solid FDM printer, it might be up to the challenge. If you do want to print it with FDM, I definitely recommend adding a z-hop into your slicer settings and cutting off the bottom 0.2mm or so since it is not completely flat.

Fits on some generic IKEA/Target type lamps but can also fit with cords like these ones sold on Amazon:





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Thank you for your fast reply. So your model has no surface. I going to use your advice.

Greet Raimon

Mini img 20180413 114555Felicity commented ago

@raimon - I'm guessing your models have a thickness to them. If you want only one layer, use just a surface with no thickness. In this model, the outer voronoi shell was just a surface had 0 thickness when I imported the STL into Meshmixer.

Mini 20190115 115044.. commented ago

Hello Filicity,

I have a question: when i apply the voronoi pattern on my models i get a double layer of voronoi. And it takes significantly more time to download/print this. In your model i see that you have one good layer of the voronoi pattern. And that you are also using Meshmixer; can you tell me how you achieved that?

Greet Raimon

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