Wallace G1 3D Printer

My Rack & Pinion drive printer based on the Wallace design by Whosawhatsis

3D printer parts and enhancements


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NOTE! Updated Stiffer bed design. May 1 2015

Based on the original Wallace design by whosawhatsis.

With all the Upgrades I've added to mine.

Rack & Pinion X & Y drives.
Spool Hook and Motor stabilizer ends.
Filament guide.
Y-Liner bearings removed from motor blocks
End Stop switch mounts.

And new here, Printable Bed!

Print samples added to images.

White is .2mm layers Orange is .1mm layers

Only thing not included here is the Extruder. I recommend thing:40002 ;)

Current print area: 200x180x200

When I get the longer Y Rods: 200x200x200. That will come with new Bed Rear parts.

BOM and Build instructions started at :
in How-To section.



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