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The D7 comes with a metal cover which isn't exactly light tight, weighs a ton and doesn't allow you to view progress of your ongoing prints. This replacement cover is lightweight and transparent, whilst still protecting the resin from stray UV in the room. And it has a door which means you don't need to remove the lid to top up resin or remove a print.

Materials and methods

Additional hardware required

3 x 5mm round neodymium magnets (to keep the door closed)
3 x washers/circles of metal (stuck to the door, aligned with the magnets)
3 x 'piano' hinges (25mm wide x 22mm deep)
4 x 3mm thick clear perspex sheets, 160x300x3mm
1 x 3mm thick clear perspex sheet, 177x177x3mm
UV Blocking film (I used: SO-AMUV-iSR)
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UV Film:



Before starting, install your UV film onto the perspex sheets, Your choice of UV film is up to you of course, but I went for stuff rated up to the 500nm range to protect the resin left in the vat when the printer isn't in use, and also from giving my eyeballs a sunburn while the D7 does it's thing. The SO-AMUV-iSR film isn't cheap - it cost me around Β£60 for 1.6x2m of the stuff, but if you're going to do this project, why not do it properly? :)

It's critical to have the perspex extremely clean when you apply the film as it sticks very quickly when the water on the surface is displaced, and is difficult to move without creasing or tearing it, and any debris or dust is likely going to stay if it finds its way under the film! Obviously, follow manufacturers instructions on fitting. Perspex isn't an idea surface for films, and you will likely get bubbles forming after a few days, but these can be smoothed out, and haven't reappeared on mine.

Once you have the perspex covered and the film trimmed in, assemble the four posts, noting that the two identical ones are for the rear (print two each of the rear parts!), on the front posts the hinge cut-outs go to the right and the holes for the magnets to the left (facing the case).

Carefully push the perspex into the gooves, ensuring that the bottom of the sheet is parallel with the bottom of each post. Also, install with the UV film facing INTO the box to help protect it from external knocks.

Once you have three sides fitted, loose fit the top sheet and install three top braces into the slots between posts, ensuring that the bottom of the braces are in front of the perspex. The braces should hold the top sheet in place, however you might want to use a drop of superglue on the top of each post to ensure it doesn't move.

Install your magnets into the left hand side post with glue or epoxy.

Rest the door panel (UV film side inwards) and mark where the magnets are - glue washers or metal disks on the inside of the door to match up with the magnets.

Flip the door over and superglue/epoxy the handle in place.

Glue the top-brace part onto the top of the door. This is the brace with the logo.

Install the hinges, and attach to the door (I again used epoxy for this.

Enjoy watching your prints!



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