Wine glass holder for dishwashers

The first picture speaks for itself.

For your home

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This small tool solves a hateful problem: it can attach the long wineglass to the dishwasher's plate fixing rods.


Update #20160201: I made a tighter version for champagne flutes.



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Mini efi mrGabor Penoff commented ago

I tried it with ABS only. PLA's glass transition temp is around 55 ℃ so I do not recommend it.

Mini title slideErin commented ago

This is exactly a problem I want to solve in my dishwasher. Have you tried it with PLA? Will it hold up to a hot dishwasher, or do I need to print in a higher temp tolerant filament like CPE or ABS?

Mini title slideErin added this to the Useful Tools collection ago
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Mini efi mrGabor Penoff commented ago

Alizbiff: I'm glad you like it! We are using it regularly and I frequently print a batch to our friends as a gift and the feedback are good so far :)

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Carousel thumb dishwasherclips
Printed on:
Excellent design which printed well in ABS at 0.3mm layer height.
I was tempted to print this design because I recognised the problem it was designed to solve and the photograph & video demonstrated that this was a design which the designer had actually made! Not tried it yet but I don't anticipate any problems. I used ABS rather than PLA as I suspect PLA would not cope with dishwasher temperatures as well as ABS!
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Mini img 2728Grant Alford commented ago

Really cool idea!I know other people would think this is neat. so I showed it here

Mini efi mrGabor Penoff published this design ago