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Wire twisting tool

This is a simple tool to put in a hand-drill to twist pairs of wires to reduce EMI.

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This is a simple tool to put in a hand-drill to twist pairs of wires to reduce EMI (electromagnetic interference), most notably though cross talk among wires that run alongside each other.

It was designed in about 60 seconds in TinkerCAD.

Printed by an Ultimaker, for Ultimakers! We pre-twist the 6 endstop wires. This way, Ultimaker builders will save some time with assembly.

This video shows how this part has undergone and passed extreme stress tests:

Materials and methods

1. The current one is for pretty fat wires (1.5mm diameter), but also works for smaller ones. But you can adjust its size to fit fatter wires too.
2. Print it.
3. Do the twist!



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