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In my pursuit of making my own printer I believe that you need to give back to the community,So here are the files I`m modeling in cad and printing

3D printer parts and enhancements

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    This project is inspired by the following printers ultimaker/corecube/Ingentis.

    New Zealand does not have a very large 3d community and to be honest everything parts or printer related is either expensive/over priced (with the exception of makershop) or you need to import it yourself and nz customs is just plan nasty

    I have uploaded some version 2 parts as i was unhappy with the first design, In addition to it looking more block like they are alot tougher

    With trying to keep in a budget and also with whats easily available this project was borne to meet one of my goals of making a kickass 3d printer

    So here is my work in progress called XMaker

    The printer has the same external dimensions as the Ingentis
    for the xy it will be using 500mm 8mm rod with direct drive stepper motors and gt2 pulleys and belts

    XY running under power

    Materials and methods

    Z axis
    1)2x sfu1204 ballscrews
    -4x 480mm 12mm Smooth Rod
    -8x lm12uu bearings
    -6x 608zz ballbearings
    -1x gt2 1220mm closed belt
    -2x gt2 pulleys 36tooth 8mm dia http://www.robotdigg.com/product/66/2gt-pulley-36-teeth-8mm-bore
    -1x gt2 pulley 16tooth 5mm dia http://www.robotdigg.com/product/59/Rostock-16-Teeth-5mm-Bore-GT2-Pulley

    XY axis

    -4x 500mm 8mm smooth rods, you will need to cut to length
    -2x 450mm 6mm smooth rods, you will need to cut to length
    -2x lm6luu bearings
    -sauntered bronze or teflon bushes for the 8mm rods
    -1x hotend mount like http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:94678
    -8x 608zz bearings
    -8x gt2 20tooth 8mm dia pulleys http://www.robotdigg.com/product/23/GT2-Pulley-20-Teeth-8mm-Bore
    -lots of gt2 belt

    -4x rubber feet


    -4x rattm 78oz steppers
    -2x Flexible Coupling 5mm Shaft to 8mm Screw
    -10x 1mtr openbeam Yes I know excessive

    Also I am using a 300mmx300mm silicon adhesive heatpad from alirubber

    alot of the parts like bearings/belt and pulleys you can get from robotdigg.com



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