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Commented on The Wedge over 6 years ago
Love it, way better than the over engineered widget I was looking to make. Gonna print this right now.
Commented on Bed Level pattern almost 7 years ago
hmm, I can't even get Cura 15.04.4 to slice this, maybe have to try another slicer.
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Commented on Fan Mount (UM2 + Olsson block) about 7 years ago
@EldRick or @Nicolinux, is this the type of stuff you used to line the inner area of this fan hood? http://www.amazon.com/Duck-240225-Repair-Aluminum-1-88-Inch/dp/B0000DI82J Did you also put Kapton take "over" all the aluminum tape, or just along the edging to help secure it in place? Wanted to make sure I do it right the first-ish time, since I can't seem to find pictures of what people did before they installed a fan hood. I plan on printing this in ColorFabb XT (White).
Contributed on Ultimaker2 sdcard holder about 7 years ago
Carousel thumb sdcard holder 1
Printed on:
Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
Turned out pretty good. Just make sure you include some sort of Brim / Raft support at the bottom of the print. Otherwise the back part that wraps around the case will fall over and you will have to start all over again.
Commented on Fan Base UM2 about 7 years ago
I've been thinking about getting some kapton tape recently, would a single layer of tape be enough, or would I have to use multiple like you did with the aluminum paper?
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Commented on Fan Base UM2 about 7 years ago
Curious what material you used to print this and how has it held up so far? Right now I only have PLA, but wasn't sure if this was fine, since it doesn't stand up to heat very well. Maybe I should get some Colorfabb XT filament, or similar, that can withstand greater temps?
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