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Daniel Aaron Bislip


<p>I'm an architecture student at the TU Delft. 3D printing has been a hobby since january 2013, since then I have helped out with several projects.</p><p>My current focus is the RepRap Leeuwenhoek, which I developed to fit my needs (fits in a locker, portable, has everything you need to print incorporated in the design).&nbsp;</p><p>Because of the massive interest and support around this project, I decided to finish it nicely and publish all the files. I also started a business around it:</p><p><br></p>


3D printing, 3d modelling, AutoCAD, CAD, DIY, Design, Product Design, Prototyping, Rhino, Soldering, Workshops, architecture, laser cutting, open source hardware, sketchup

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  • Leeuwenhoek
    Reprap leeuwenhoek small



    I use this printer daily and take it to demos and events

  • Prusai 3
    Reprap prusai3 small

    Prusai 3


    This is the machine I use for my larger and longer prints, it's got its stationary spot at home