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Edward J. Carpenter


My name is Edward J. Carpenter. I am a Back-End Developer. You may be wondering what you can do to manage the details of your upcoming mobile app if you're a developer. Are you required to use the database or dedicated server, or perhaps you can only manage from an external interface? Before we go into the details of the available service, let's first understand the terms used. When it comes to web and mobile applications it is common to talk about the front end and backend. While the front end defines the user interface, user interaction and information presentation, the backend is responsible for the business processing, data storage and security. The front-end is the user's web browser, or mobile device, while the back-end comprises the server where data is kept and transmitted. Many of today's mobile applications depend on at least a few functions which require a server component. These include user and usage analytics as well push notifications. Advanced security is a typical instance. From the point of view of mobile app developers, the server-side is an entirely different world with databases and servers. Developers are not just required to create attractive and productive mobile interfaces, but they also have to understand network infrastructures like web server’s database management software, database management tools and server-side scripting languages. Furthermore, they are expected to be experts in contemporary cryptography and computer security big data and data mining, mobile networks (mobile applications run mostly on smartphones linked to the cell phone network) and an expanding collection of related technologies. It follows that, even when a mobile application was developed using the server part, the developer should be proficient in multiple languages and tools, beyond that which is required for normal app development. This, of course, isn't allowing many developers to include the server part into their applications. On the https://www.deskree.com/ platform, you can create a Back-End for a mobile app, a web app, or a marketplace.

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