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I use Ultimaker² and Prusa I3 rework by me

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Commented on Test print for Ultimaker 2 about 2 years ago
Hello, How! It's been a long time without coming here ... Glad to come back a little. I am facing an extrusion problem on a machine. It is different from Ultimaker. I know that my request will seem special to you and that it may fall into oblivion. I try anyway. I would like to reproduce the test cylinder 3mm3 / s - 10mm3 / s but for a wire diameter of 1.75mm. Is it possible to have a little help in GCODE for this wire diameter and a 0.4mm nozzle without retraction? Thank you so much. Geeks
Updated Head Top UM² about 4 years ago
Published Head Top UM² about 4 years ago
Commented on Ultimaker ² extruder over 7 years ago
<p>This is not possible in the state. I think making a version 3 100% free soon.</p>
Updated Fan 30 x 30 Repair over 7 years ago
Published Fan 30 x 30 Repair over 7 years ago
Published Porte-bobine over 7 years ago
Published Boutton over 7 years ago
Commented on Extruder UM2 Version 2 over 7 years ago
There's no worry. Believe me, if I did not have all these constraints tax, it would have been with palisir I would have you printed this piece. By cons, so, this will show you what I did and to have as a neighbor back with the lab. Do not hesitate to talk back, put a picture and tell the dificulties encountered.
Commented on Extruder UM2 Version 2 over 7 years ago
In effect, the wire is guided artfully throughout the supply chain. Do you have a friend who can print for you? Do you have a fablab nearby that could do the same? I say this because it will stay cheaper (no shipping) and it would be more faster to help you out. Being in Europe, driven back taxes and fees, I am not at all competitive. Worse even transport you stay there or expensive myself I do not have to much. I'm sorry to come to this conclusion but I am forced to admit that the Europe we kill!
Commented on Extruder UM2 Version 2 over 7 years ago
hello, Sorry for being late to respond. Too much activity ... To help me, having had the problem too (on the very long term), I mount the original extruder and I reduced the speed to 10 mm / s. Very very slow speed. This allowed work. So I remade the room and able to resume my work. Tell me if you could help you out.
Favored Syringe Pump almost 8 years ago
Commented on Fossile almost 8 years ago
hello, Thank you so much for the comment :) I'm glad that the printed result than simply seeing and can "touch".
Published Fossile almost 8 years ago