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Tony Murillo

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Owner of Printrbot Jr V1<br>Hobby Maker, tinkerer, geocacher, dad, CNC'r, 3D Printer User

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Published Pontiac Star emblem for 57-58 over 6 years ago
Commented on Printrbot Blower Fan Mounts over 6 years ago
which fan shroud for the Play???
Commented on 40mm Fan Duct & Mount for Printrbot Jr. (1307) over 7 years ago
How does this mount? Do you have any pictures with it on? I also have a Jr v1 and have been looking for a new fan duct since I added the Aluminum Extruder.
Contributed on Ultimaker Tool Kit almost 8 years ago
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Printed on:
Beautiful print. I did this on my upgraded Printrbot Jr V1
Printed at .4 layer height
Favored UM2 Cover Hooks almost 8 years ago
Favored Raspberry Pi Snap Together Camera Case about 8 years ago
Commented on Printrbot Fan Shroud over 8 years ago
<p>Seems like the shroud is so restrictive that air is being forced back out. &nbsp;Has anyone else had this problem? &nbsp;I can barely feel any air coming out near the hot end, and YES, my airflow is correct, checked the arrow.</p>
Commented on Printrbot Aluminum Extruder Mount Plates over 8 years ago
has anyone converted the Jr v1 files to STL for printing?
Favored 5mm Calibration Steps over 8 years ago
Favored Hinges for MDF enclosure. over 8 years ago
Favored OpenScad Tutorial over 8 years ago
Favored Printrbot Alu Extruder over 8 years ago
Favored Universal Filament Filter over 8 years ago
Favored Dust Filter over 8 years ago
Favored Cellular Lamp over 8 years ago