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Hagen Automation specialises in robotic automation solutions that are affordable. Covering a wide range of industries and applications from single, low cost robots to multi-machine solutions and integrated production lines. With a proven track record in the robotic automation industry Hagen Automation also provide consultancy and advice for those starting out or developing industrial robot solutions. Working with end users, robot systems integrators and the robot manufacturers themselves Hagen Automation open up a world of automation possibilities. Solutions include automated welding systems, palletising and handling robots, biotech robots, automating low volume production, lab robots, robotic assembly, plastics industry robots, collaborative robots and cobots, robots for food industry and agriculture, vision system integration, dispensing robots, screw driving robots, used robot solutions, inspection and quality control robots, bench top robots, 3D printing, 3d printing using robots, robotised marking and printing and much more. No matter the size of enterprise Hagen Automation can help solve your production bottlenecks and provide affordable practical solutions using the latest technology. From cottage industries looking to make life easier to automotive suppliers turning out thousands of parts Hagen Automation provides reliable solutions. Separating science fiction headlines from factory facts Hagen Automation can guide you through what is genuinely practical and possible right now. Unusually for industrial robotics companies Hagen Automation supply low cost “off the peg” robot solutions that are quick and easy to use - offering low cost, low risk robot solutions. The latest technology is making robotics more capable, easier to use and more affordable. Contact to take the next step in developing your business.


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    Dobot M1 SCARA robot with 3D printer head

    The M1 is an industrial specification multipurpose robot arm that is both user friendly and great value. We sell the Dobot M1 here​ and offer training and integration services. The M1 can be used for a whole range of industries and applications. From lab work to labelling mugs. We have been supplying industrial robot solutions for many years, from low cost solutions like the dobot through to entire production lines.