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I'm trying to interact with an APP on my phone by indirectly touching the the screen. Modern touchscreens, as I'm sure everyone here knows are capacitive rather than resistive, so that means that I should be able to interact with it as long as I can bring a small current to the screen where I want to touch. I'm experimenting with using some speaker cable and a couple other wires I have laying around the house to see how far away I can be and still pass enough current through the wire to register a touch on the screen, based on my distance and the size and quality of the wire. What I'm finding though is that touching wire to the screen seems to register a touch even without me touching the wire. So is there already a current inside wire? Is it the type of wire I am using? I was under the impression that a wire on its own had no current and only passes electricity when there is an outside source. Is there anything I can do to decharge the wire, or block it somehow?
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