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James Wood


Favored PIX-E Gif Camera 10 months ago
Followed Daniel Norée 10 months ago
Followed MrCrankyface 10 months ago
Favored 3D printed RC truck V3 11 months ago
Favored UM2 Dual Fan Shroud about 1 year ago
Followed Labern about 1 year ago
Followed UltiArjan almost 2 years ago
Updated Loobius almost 2 years ago
Followed printrbot about 2 years ago
Favored Printrbot Plus 1404 about 2 years ago
Followed Richard Horne about 2 years ago
Published Spiral Vase over 2 years ago
Updated Raspberry Pi Model B Case over 2 years ago
Followed Doug almost 3 years ago
Favored 3DRmega - the BIG RepRap Delta printer about 3 years ago
Commented on Printrbot Plus 1303 about 3 years ago
This was my first printer. Replaced by an Ultimaker2, but I still love my Printrbot. It needs new rods - overhauling it will be a good project one day!
Favored Printrbot Plus 1303 about 3 years ago