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James Wood


Favored PIX-E Gif Camera 7 months ago
Followed Daniel Norée 7 months ago
Followed MrCrankyface 7 months ago
Favored 3D printed RC truck V3 8 months ago
Favored UM2 Dual Fan Shroud 11 months ago
Followed Labern 11 months ago
Followed Arjan over 1 year ago
Updated Loobius over 1 year ago
Followed printrbot over 1 year ago
Favored Printrbot Plus 1404 over 1 year ago
Followed Richard Horne over 1 year ago
Published Spiral Vase about 2 years ago
Updated Raspberry Pi Model B Case over 2 years ago
Followed Doug over 2 years ago
Favored 3DRmega - the BIG RepRap Delta printer almost 3 years ago
Commented on Printrbot Plus 1303 almost 3 years ago
This was my first printer. Replaced by an Ultimaker2, but I still love my Printrbot. It needs new rods - overhauling it will be a good project one day!
Favored Printrbot Plus 1303 almost 3 years ago