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Commented on Reusable Mask PPE Alternative (MalaMask) over 3 years ago
Posted a V2 of the silicone molds to add a little more comfort around the nose bridge area.
Commented on Reusable Mask PPE Alternative (MalaMask) over 3 years ago
Hey everyone I uploaded a new version of the mask shrouds that has size markings on the nose bridge. No major changes beyond that.
Commented on Reusable Mask PPE Alternative (MalaMask) over 3 years ago
@Marcus Wolschon This is the feedback I need and appreciate it! I have some 00-35 coming and I will try it. The tackiness is the reason I bumped up to the Dragon Skin 20... I will say the Dragon Skin 10 is like pillows against the face compared to the 20 but everything clings to it. I have a heated enclosure so warping isn't an issue for me... I have a post on youmagine with my printer setup but I know not everyone has an enclosure. I will look into adjusting my mold with the feedback you gave. Do you mind if I ping you through email with the changes? In the mean time I see this project pushing to a simpler linear seal because it is a quick print, easy pour, and simple install.
Commented on Reusable Mask PPE Alternative (MalaMask) over 3 years ago
The 2 part mold is really intended for a silicone caster that I am working with and really he may not even use it... I'm not a silicone expert at all. I can tell you how to do aluminum casting but silicone I am a 2 week expert. The caster has been giving me information that I have been bench testing and then posting to the project when I find something. I have been working with a group in Northern Virginia and they are using some of these linear silicone seal molds that people have on here and thingiverse, using sil-poxy to attach it. It is actually working great and may yield a future recommendation for DIY / at home builds of this mask. Smooth-on has a really good video on making gang molds of masks and they use this linear seal...
Commented on Reusable Mask PPE Alternative (MalaMask) over 3 years ago
@Marcus Wolschon The model has been available this whole time. See the link that is labeled "Mask Design" in the description. Also I have made a 1.5mm thick walled version of the mask shrouds if you would like to try them. This is not something I am going to just openly publish on this platform or thingiverse but you can find it under the project folder. If you look under "Models -> STL -> Mask - ... -> Thick_....stl" , you will find each size with a thicker shroud.  Project folder: This is a fine tuned project because these masks have to fit and seal properly! This is not a novice project. I have documented things to help in the learning curve, please read. Understand that collectively there are 500+ work hours that have been put into this by the contributors. We are trying to help, not trying to cause anyone problems. The models are a very complicated design because it has to fit very complicated anatomy. This is to everyone and I am saying this because I am being trolled on another platform. Please be courteous in your comments. Please do not be condescending. This is not political... leave politics out of this! Please understand that I know everyone has an opinion and I respect your opinions. I am doing this project to help fill a gap to help keep people safe and give them data and facts that they can make an informed decision. I am simply trying to help my fellow human being regardless of who you are, where you are, and how you live! period! We are all in this thing together!