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John Braswell


Book review - Children of Dune by Frank Herbert The fremens are changing in ways that are not well received by those who followed the old paths. And Leto, who try to set a new path for the human race based on a different vision that his father had. An epic moment in the book is the confrontation of the two men , Leto and his father Paul, each trying to protect his own vision of the future. In the end Leto prevails and, after seizing the throne, begun his work of modeling the future of human race. The price is dire though, as in all Herbert books his heroes must take the right actions for the sake of humanity in detriment of their personal life. The life extended over thousands of years, without possibility of giving birth to a child, watching your friends and relatives dying over and over again and knowing every moment of how your life is going to look like because of capacity of seeing the future. Is this worth it? This is the question that remains after finishing this another great book from the saga.

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