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Commented on UM2 Fan Duct V2 about 2 years ago
I mean more of the lines of "silent" instead of quiet... Fan noises is pretty much the only noise I have right now. (even at 50%) To put it into perspective, the noise from the ball bearing in my filament guide during retraction is the second loudest noise. You should try TMC drivers... You will never go back :)
Commented on UM2 Fan Duct V2 about 2 years ago
Only reason I asked for 40mm fan is because I want quieter fans... pretty much all 30mm fans out there with reasonable airflow is noisy as heck... It is part of my project of making ultimaker quiet... I've done TMC drivers and a press fit print head for igus bearing. 40mm fans with lower RPM and same airflow is way way quieter... Anyway, I will look for other options or designing my own. Thanks
Commented on UM2 Fan Duct V2 about 2 years ago
If you are still active, can you make a 40mm fan version of this? Or upload the original cad files?
Commented on Ultimaker 2 Replacement Print Head about 2 years ago
First printed with support, remains of support screwed up the fit. printed without support, fits like a glove. There is no need for support, really. 50% Infill PLA. Made this to pressfit Igus 6mm bearings.
Commented on Ultimaker 2 30x30 fans ducts upgrade about 2 years ago
walls are a bit too thin...
Commented on Ultimaker 2 ( 2+ ) Spoolholder about 2 years ago
poor tolerance, needs to hammer the bearing in and then the threads is extremely tight. 150g filament wasted and I would use the original design.
Commented on UM2 Centrifugal Fans Duct about 2 years ago
Not sure if this actually help cooling... There is only 1.66CFM output each on these 35mm fan where the stock fan on UM2+ is 2.2CFM each. You can get quality 30mm axis fan with low noise at 2.8CFM fair cheaply, where the best reasonable priced 35mm Centrifugal outputs 2.2CFM. Centrifugal fan does have higher pressure, so I guess they are eventually comparable.
Commented on UM2 Build Plate Stabilizer about 2 years ago
2540% scale works fine. It was in inches instead of mm...