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<p>3D Printer Enthusist. &nbsp;Custom built three printers, Mendal Prusa, TAZ 2, Kossel Mini, and currently working on a UltiMachine2 build (2020 extrusion)</p>


3D printing, 3d modelling, CAD, CNC, DIY, Javascript, Javascript), Linux, Mechanical Engineering, PHP, Prototyping, Ruby, Software Engineering, Software Engineering (Java, Soldering, hobby, programming

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  • Rostock
    Reprap minikossel small


    Kossel Mini

  • Prusai 2
    Reprap prusai2 small

    Prusai 2

    Prusa Mendel


Favored MKII 5 Watt 3d printable Wind Turbine about 3 years ago
Favored OpenRC 1:10 4WD Truggy Concept R/C Car about 3 years ago
Commented on UM2 Print head top for 1.75 filament. almost 4 years ago
Nice design - printed it real quick and works - but - can you build a dual one?
Followed Ultimaker 2 upgrades! about 4 years ago
Followed Ultimaker2 about 4 years ago
Favored Upgrade for large Shapeoko over 5 years ago
Favored 3dhacker printer test over 5 years ago
Favored Ingentis - A Tantillus Variant over 5 years ago
Favored UM2 Feeder - SP3D Version over 5 years ago
Favored Pocket Ratchet Wrench over 5 years ago
Commented on NanoBlock over 5 years ago
So, when will you post the files - looks promising. Thanks
Favored NanoBlock over 5 years ago
Favored Ultimaker2 Cable Chain over 5 years ago
Favored HercuStruder over 5 years ago
Favored Star Wars - AT-ST Scout Walker over 5 years ago