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Krzysztof Szkoda


🎮 I am a VR Artist / Experience Designer just doing experimentation and a bit of freelancing in my spare time I use Virtual Reality as a tool for 3D modeling/sculpting via MasterpieceVR and Kodon. 🎮 Feel to check out my YouTube channel containing my VR sculpting videos


3D Modeling, 3D design, 3d-printing, Adobe Photoshop, Blender, Design, Education, Gaming, Linux, Prototyping, digital art, video animations

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Published Rodimus Prime about 3 years ago
Commented on Star Wars Episode VII First Order TIE Fighter about 3 years ago
Hey everyone, thank you very much for downloading and having fun with the TIE Fighter. Just to let you know, I am running a Patreon to create more 3D models made in VR so anyone can have access to it and print it in 3D. Please do check it out
Updated Star Wars Rogue One Death Star about 3 years ago
Published Steampunk Ship about 3 years ago
Published Star Wars Rogue One Death Star over 6 years ago