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Ender 3
I was quite pleased with this design. Kudos to Brad. A few color change choices, just because.
Contributed on Scarab Beetle Box (with secret lock) 22 days ago
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Ender 3
I had a bag of filament samples that I've been wanting to use. Each sample piece is around 1 meter or less in several colors. So I used them on this project. The only full spool I used is the Gold Silk. All other colors are samples. For the wings, I used 4 colors and just fed each one behind the previous into the extrusion motor as the printer continued to print. It's not perfect, but still quite pretty. The shiny of the silk filaments looks really nice on this model.
I would suggest 2 small holes in the "beetle seat" & "catch drawer". Scavenge a ballpoint pen spring, trim is and set in holes. This will help to keep it closed.