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Published Thicker MM2 Maxstruder Lower over 5 years ago
Favored Hollower calibration pyramid over 5 years ago
Favored Calibration Object - Pyramid - Hollow over 5 years ago
Favored tantilot over 5 years ago
Favored Ingentis - A Tantillus Variant over 5 years ago
Published Edible Dinosaur Tracks over 5 years ago
Favored 3DRnano over 5 years ago
Commented on Sli3DR - (pronounced Slider) 3D Printer over 5 years ago
This build looks like so much fun I already mocked up the "unnamed mechanism" for the X and Y axis movements, although I look forward to seeing what your Z axis movement looks like! This looks ripe for a FSR auto-level to fairly eliminate fussing around with setup!
Commented on 3DRnano over 5 years ago
Looking forward to letting two groups of my summer camp kids try to make this one, as they are involved in a solar-powered exploration of different technologies. What is the current demand? Lacking a HBP, PLA fabrication looks like the way to go I was telling them earlier this week while showing them photos!
Commented on 3DRmega - the BIG RepRap Delta printer over 5 years ago
I find myself considering what volume of filament would be reasonable for any build that could challenge this format's build volume extents!