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<p>Great set up!</p>
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Ooooooooooooooooooooh I wanted to do this!!<br><br>I've bought a bunch of small magnets to glue behind every piece and stick them on my fridge until I know every province of China =)<br><br>Well, you did most of the job, I can start printing tonight :D Very cool Zheng!<br><br>你是哪里人?
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Commented on World Cup Mascots almost 6 years ago
A French UNICORN??!! The French mascot can only be a rooster.
Commented on Scorpion over 6 years ago
Made the big one yesterday, easy print and great look! I love it (my gf not, for some reason =)) Thanks for sharing the design ... and the idea! So many basic wood puzzles can be recycled like that :)
Commented on Filament Duck over 6 years ago
+1! The real matter is definitely to prevent the filament to unroll more than necessary (like, every time you swap rolls...) because this is where trouble starts.
Commented on Aluminium-Frame for the Ultimaker over 6 years ago
Joel, do I see well and you kept the wooden Z-stage? If so, any reason for that? Because it seems to me that it's really a point where a more flat and rigid plate would help?
Commented on Tetra_Column over 6 years ago
Printed one yesterday (0.15mm), except few strands it's indeed smooth :) Another nice design to watch printing... Thanks!
Commented on Tetra_Column over 6 years ago
Did you sand the pieces afterwards? The top looks very smooth? And you don't slow it down when it's about to finish?