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Commented on Dust Filter over 3 years ago
Hi, I`ve been using these since my start in 3D printing and I love them, they are easy to print very usefull can be moved back and forth and i guess they work for both 3 and 1,75 because the opening is wide enough.
Commented on Dust Filter almost 4 years ago
I am using it and it is great, sometimes when I print a new one it does not "break" lose at the hinge but I guess it was printed with some different setting. I love the possibility of putting it after... Thanks
Commented on E3D Integrated Printhead v1.9 almost 4 years ago
Sorry, newbie stuff, found a way. Printing right now
Commented on E3D Integrated Printhead v1.9 almost 4 years ago
how do we separate the parts? I´m trying to print it but cant find a position and cant break away the parts.
Commented on Triple Water Block almost 4 years ago
You could dril the inner connections in the block and then close them with plugs saves pipes and weight. In the end just one way in and one out.
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