Marcus Wolschon


I'm trying to design things that serve a practical purpose.
Mostly film making gear and parts for CNC machines.

For my designs I try to also publish
* the original file (usually Alibre/Geomagic)
* technical drawings with dimensions
STEP, IGES, ProE, ACIS should be no problem.

I consider STL to be a lowest-common-denominator output-only format! It's not a format to be edited.

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More details
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Commented on Single-Axis FiberBench with Wall Plates about 12 hours ago
Please add a description to your part stating at the very least, what it's purpose is.
Updated YOOCNC Limit/Home Switches 2 days ago
Commented on AA Battery holder and dispenser 20 days ago
"broken designs" is the collection, where I gather designs that contain only STL mesh exports that can not be edited in a sensible way because all original parameters (dimensions, texts+fonts, constraints,...) are lost in the export.
Favored Oculus Touch holder 21 days ago
Favored Hidden hinge 21 days ago
Commented on L-bracket for DSLRs 21 days ago
An overview photo in addition to the detail shots would be nice.
Favored Coffee Burr Grinder 21 days ago
Favored Lego Train curved Rack 21 days ago
Favored UM2 Lower Filament Guide 21 days ago
Favored Makita 18v Dust Cover 21 days ago
Commented on UM2 Lower Filament Guide 21 days ago
" 8mm axle 22mm x7mm bearings (from skates) " I think you meant to write "802 bearings" (possible 802ZZ) and have a number of how many are needed in front of it.
Commented on 3D Scanning Turntable 22 days ago
Do you have a rendering/photo of the complete assembly? It's hard to imagine it from only the parts. Could you also post the original CAD files you used to export the STL? So it can be changed to a different diameter,...