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Mark Rehorst


Former electrical engineer, I became a dentist in 2011.  I designed and built my printer, Son of MegaMax, using surplus machine parts at the Milwaukee Makerspace.


3D printing, CAD, Design, Electronics Design, Prototyping, Soldering

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  • Ultimaker 2 Go
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    Ultimaker 2 Go

    Son of MegaMax

    I don't have an Ultimaker, but this silly thing won't let me enter a custom printer. I designed and built my printer I call Son of MegaMax (2nd generation of my previous design/build, MegaMax). You can see it here:


Commented on Expresso Coffee dispenser about 1 month ago
Q: What is PLA going to do when you subject it to almost boiling water/coffee? A: It will melt. Oops! Back to the drawing board....
Published Prius Hatch Release Switch Cover about 1 month ago
Published Dry erase board accessory holder 3 months ago
Published Simple 1.75 mm filament-out sensor 3 months ago
Commented on 2mm pitch GT2 Belt Clamps 5 months ago
This is not intended to be used for adjusting belt tension. Belt tension adjustment is typically done by either moving the motor mount or making the idler pulley adjustable via a sliding mount. You could use a pair of the single ended clamps to make a tension adjuster but fixing one on the extruder carriage and the other on a screw adjustable slide.
Updated E3D Titan Extruder Model 10 months ago
Updated E3D Titan Extruder Model 10 months ago