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Mark Rehorst


Former electrical engineer, I became a dentist in 2011.  I designed and built my printer, Son of MegaMax, using surplus machine parts at the Milwaukee Makerspace.


3D printing, CAD, Design, Electronics Design, Prototyping, Soldering

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  • Ultimaker 2 Go
    Utm2 go small

    Ultimaker 2 Go

    Son of MegaMax

    I don't have an Ultimaker, but this silly thing won't let me enter a custom printer. I designed and built my printer I call Son of MegaMax (2nd generation of my previous design/build, MegaMax). You can see it here:


Commented on Toothless Herb Grinder 1.0 by 420ThreeD 20 days ago
Inhaling smoke from burning plastic particles is probably not very healthy.
Commented on Expresso Coffee dispenser 2 months ago
Q: What is PLA going to do when you subject it to almost boiling water/coffee? A: It will melt. Oops! Back to the drawing board....
Published Prius Hatch Release Switch Cover 2 months ago
Published Dry erase board accessory holder 4 months ago
Published Simple 1.75 mm filament-out sensor 4 months ago