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The facility owner of Super Easy Self Storage Adelaide is Mel Brandle. Born and raised in the city he left to join the Air Force where he graduated in Defence Force Engineering. Mel enjoys dirt track racing and water skiing, as well as spending time with his family. Super Easy Storage is different to other storage facilities as they offer convenience by transporting portable self storage units Adelaide to their customers, and ensuring storage prices Adelaide are kept as low as possible. Super Easy Storage is a relatively new company in the self-storage industry that provides self storage units to customers in Adelaide. Super Easy Storage is up against the traditional big wigs of the industry, but we have a huge advantage which they don’t have! Besides our crazy cheap deals, we are able to offer all of our customers a high level of self storage services which include our mobile storage unit transportation system. Our portable storage units are made of ultra-durable plywood - industrial quality strength but absolutely lightweight and perfect for the purposes of transportation! With our special mobile storage units, you can also expect an unrivalled quality of storage when your items are loaded and placed within the storage unit. That’s because its walls are not only durable but they are porous! This allows air to be easily ventilated in and out of the container and it means that humidity and moisture won’t have the chance to build up within.


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