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Mighty Jabba's Collection is a blog devoted to cataloging my personal collection of Jabba the Hutt merchandise and collectibles.

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Contributed on Han Solo Blaster almost 7 years ago
Carousel thumb printed han blaster1
Printed on:
Dremel Idea Builder
I really like this model! The printing and assembly mostly went well, but some more explanation about what orientation to print the parts in would’ve been helpful. I had to redo a few of them because I ended up using supports when they weren’t necessary (the flash hider) or because I used the wrong orientation (for the heat sink on the front, it seems best to print it with the ridges facing upward).
I noticed that the front part of the scope on the assembled model that was posted was put on backwards (with the dial toward the edge instead of toward the middle). I mimicked this during assembly, but was able to reverse it before the glue dried. I did end up putting the dial on backwards though.
Favored Star Wars Lightsaber (Complex version) almost 7 years ago
Favored Han Solo Blaster almost 7 years ago